• Stock Materials; Adams Foam offers a diverse range of flexible foam products, both Urethane (open cell) and Polyethylene (closed cell). Adams carries Urethane foams between 1lb density up to 4lb and Polyethylene between 1lb and 4lb . Anti Static foams (typically pink) in both Urethane and Polyethylene are also available.. 


  • Specialty Materials Available; X-link Polyethylene, Mil Spec, Acoustical ,Esters, EVA, EVN, EPS, EPDM, Visco (memory foam) . Call for lead times and pricing on all specialty materials. 


At Adams Foam we strive to provide accurate information about how materials will be affected by our cutting processes. Over the years we have found that EVA is not an ideal material for aesthetic packaging applications. EVA is designed for thermoforming, not a die cut insert.          X-Link PE is a superior alternative to EVA. It is designed to be die cut and saw cut. The issues we have with EVA production vanish with X-Link PE. X-Link PE comes in a wide range of densities ( 2Lb to 15Lb) and in various colors. Come in to see and feel how much better X-link is!        

Please contact a salesmen today and ask how Adams can ACQUIRE the perfect material for your job. 


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