Interested in having your parts cut by water? Adams Foam is now offering contract cutting with our 5 Axis WaterJet. Adams understands there needs to be a way to produce pre-production samples or small runs in a cost efficient way. Our waterjet is able to do these small runs or samples at minimal cost to the customer.

Please Provide the following so we can cut your part:

  1. Please Specify material Type and Thickness
  2. Provide CAD drawings. If no drawings are available please have parts ready to send to Adams Foam to be reverse engineered. 
  3. Quantity of parts needed
  4. Tolerances needed by customer
  5. Requested delivery date of parts  

Pricing for WaterJet Cutting

$ Call for Pricing $

Price includes: Complete engineering of part, no drawings provided by customer, programming of Waterjet, material for sample, machine set up and cut time. 

$ Call for Pricing $

Price includes: A drawing is provided by customer ( dxf, sld, iges, any 3d part file), file cleanup, programming of waterjet, material for sample, machine set up and cut time. 


Stock Materials Available for Contract Cutting

  • Polyurethanes - 1.0lb to 2.8lb.- Call for Color and Density  
  • Polyethylenes -   0.9lb to 4lb- Call for Colors and Density 
  • X-Link Polyethylene - 2LB - Call for Colors
  • EVA (non stock material must be custom ordered) customer will be charged extra for material
  • Contact a salesmen today about other specialty materials available.  

For small production runs please contact a salesmen today for more pricing info.  .   


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